Cool Haven puts at your disposal solutions that adapt to the growth of your family.

Each house developed through the modular constructive system Cool Haven is put through an exhaustive thermal control in function of window orientation and building implementation. These parameters allow an assessment of needs in insolation, celebrating a compromise between optimization of resources and thermal behavior.

This way it is possible to reduce the energy that is needed for heating and cooling. This energetic balance can even be optimized through the installation of active or passive technology for recovery and production of energy such as: photovoltaics, wind, geothermal or solar thermal collectors.

Cool Haven houses are smart.
These are equipped with the latest domotic technology.

Cool Haven houses take advantage of different renewable energies, such as Solar.

Cool Haven houses allow the recovery of pluvial waters, optimizing the consumption cycle.

Due to its structural conception, Cool Haven houses were thought to resist, among others, to seismic activity.