Where are the Cool Haven houses produced?

All components of the house are produced in Portugal, using mostly raw materials of Portuguese origin. The COOL HAVEN system was fully developed in Portugal..

How long does it take to build a house?

After issuing the City Council construction permit, the Cool Haven house may take between 1 to 3 months to be built, depending on your code area.

The design and licensing phase will take the same amount of time as any house built on another system, since the licensing process is identical.

Which kind of foundation can a Cool Haven house have?

COOL HAVEN houses can be constructed using any type of foundations (poles or shoes) being adaptable to any terrain.

Are the Cool Haven houses walls double?  Have they insulation?

The definition of double wall system is not applicable to the COOL HAVEN system. Our system walls, whether exterior or interior, is composed of OSB panels, sustained by a metal frame in its core, including an air box, thermal and acoustic insulation, therefore providing better performances than a double masonry wall.

With the walls composed by OSB and plasterboard, in the case of water infiltration, can the walls be destroyed?

The plasterboard used in COOL HAVEN homes is hydrophobic, meaning that it is resistant to moisture. If the leakage comes from the inside of the wall, by a bursting pipe for example, and it spoils the OSB and plasterboard, you can with the greatest of ease and without major works replace damaged panels.

Are electrical and water installations viewable?

The appearance of a COOL HAVEN house is very similar to a traditional house. All installations, whether electrical, water, ventilation, heating, or other, are hidden within the walls, floor, or ceiling.

Do the modular COOL HAVEN homes require licensing, or can they be built without city council approval?

The COOL HAVEN houses , like any other house, require city council license for construction and habitability. Each case is analyzed by our technical department that, after consultation of the Development Plan of the construction site, may issue an opinion on the viability of construction. We recommend a consultation with municipal entities for better understanding of the construction constraints. 

I have an architecture project. I wonder, can I build it with your system?

The COOL HAVEN Construction system adapts to any architecture, with some restrictions. Our technical department can analyze your project without any compromise and adapt the defined program to our system.

Does COOL HAVEN build models in addition to the catalog models?

Yes, we have three solutions to offer our clients. One where the client gives us a project and we adapt it to our building system, one where the customer can choose one of the models available in the catalog, and finally we can develop a project according to the customer needs.

Does a COOL HAVEN house need any special maintenance?

The maintenance of a COOL HAVEN house is identical to the maintenance of a brick house, with no need for any special care. 

How does the COOL HAVEN process of construction unfolds?

The process of building a COOL HAVEN house is turnkey, initiated by the development of the architecture and specialties project and the city council building permit. After the issuance of the building permit, the customer will have to inform COOL HAVEN of the intended date for the beginning of the construction process, with a 30 days notice. On the chosen date COOL HAVEN will start to build the house, handing the key to the customer once it is finished and tested, always with the intent to meet the deadlines. 

Is it possible to increase the typology of a COOL HAVEN house? And decrease?

Yes, our building system easily allows us to add dividers to the original house, as well as add or remove modules that can be Installed elsewhere or even be sold.

May COOL HAVEN homes have multiple floors?

They can have up to 4 floors.

Are the materials used in COOL HAVEN homes certified and normalized?

Yes, they are certified by CE marking.

Why are COOL HAVEN houses sustainable?

COOL HAVEN aligned a set of technologies in order to generate a thermal solution with low needs in terms of active systems for heating and cooling; materials used in construction are recyclable, produced with low-carbon emissions(1/3 compared to conventional construction).

Management and use concerns of resources like water (water is not required for the construction process, collection of rainwater for irrigation, toilets, washing floors).

Exploitation of natural features for HVAC and heating (geothermal, solar exposure for heating sanitary water and electricity production, and if appropriate, the implementation of wind turbines).